How To Start A Soup Group

How To Start A Soup Group

Have you always wanted to join a book club but the requirement of actually having to read a book gets in the way? A "Soup Group" might be for you. 

Soup is all the rage right now. There are soup recipes going viral. Soup lifestyles that are changing lives (and bodies). There is a strong case for soup for breakfast

Soup is great for a lot of reasons. It's easy to make. It's hard to mess up. It stores/freezes well. And there are many ways to mix up even the same pot of soup so you don't get bored. 

So you're sold on soup. But what is a "soup group"? Much like a book club, it's an excuse to get a group of friends together. But instead of sitting around pretending to talk about a book, but really gossiping about life. You cook up a big pot of soup together. Add a side of crusty bread for dipping. And go to town on the gossip and good food. 

How To Start A Soup Group

Here are some tips on how to start a soup group: 


Decide on who you want to invite into the group. Do you have a close group of girlfriends that you have a hard time gathering together? Or a few individual friends you want to try to bring closer together? Are you wanting to increase your friend network? Consider asking 4 friends to each invite a friend.  


You can keep it casual and just sound a cleverly-worded email. Or get fancy and use a service like Evite or Paperless Post to get everyone excited with a "proper" invite. To easily find a date that works for your group, use a tool like Doodle to let everyone self-select their availability. 


If there's a soup you've been dying to try, entice your invitees by teasing the menu in your invite. Or if you'd rather leave it up to popular opinion, you can always send out a quick survey to get the group vote. Ask attendees to bring a few appetizers, crusty bread, and wine to go alongside the start of the show. 

Here are a few of my favorite go-to soup recipes that are surefire crowdpleasers: 

Alison Roman Spiced Chickpea Stew

Viral recipe queen Alison Roman does it again with her Spiced Chickpea Stew with Coconut & Tumeric 

Parsnips & Pastries Whole30 Salmon Chowder

Parsnips & Pastries (Whole30) Salmon Chowder is hearty, cozy and delicious and you don't have to be a seafood enthusiast to enjoy it. 

Five Heart Home Minestrone Soup

Five Heart Home Minestrone Soup is the perfect Capsule Kitchen, clean out the fridge, recipe. A dash of vinegar at the end also brightens the flavor in a beautiful way.

Heidi Swanson Vegan Ramen

If you want a bit of a project and/or have dietary restrictions to contend with, this Vegan Ramen from Heidi Swanson is gorgeous. It's super flexible to adapt to your season and tastes. 

Lemony Chicken Soup

A beautiful take on a classic, this Lemony Chicken & Spring Veggie soup is a favorite of the soup-stress herself


Here are a few of our favorite soup-making essentials: 

Birch Ladle

Birch Ladle

Long Juniper Tasting Spoon

Juniper Tasting Spoon

Essential Wood Cooking Spoons

Essential Alder Cooking Spoons


Milo Dutch Oven

Milo Dutch Oven

Ash Serving & Bread Board

Ash Serving & Bread Board


Loungewear and comfy clothes are pretty much required for peak soup appreciation. With cozy bowls of soup to cuddle, you can even skip setting the table and just cozy up on the couch. 

What are your favorite soups? And can I get an invite to your group?  

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