January Capsule

A few things I'm loving and lusting after for the new year for your capsule wardrobe and capsule kitchen, and capsule home. 

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Juniper & Salt January Capsule Wardrobe & Kitchen 


January Capsule Wardobe


Winter in Atlanta this year seems to have two speeds: rainy or gorgeous. It's been unseasonably warm the last few days especially (hello 70 degree Sundays, I'm here for you). But growing up in Denver, I love experiencing all seasons and bundling up in a cozy sweater, wool socks, and a thick scarf. So even though I'm worried it will be too warm to wear them, I'm still lusting after this cozy sweater, along with some chic accessories...and maybe some new fringe. 


Capsule Art Collection

Alisa BarryMorgan Harper Nichols | Joseph Lee | Meredith Anne White | Ron Nicole


I both wish I owned more art, and wish I spent more time creating art. I have been creating art in one form or another my whole life. Any downtime I have that's what I crave to do. I've been having the itch to find a new medium (spoon carving?) or revisiting an old medium (painting?), but have yet to take any action on it. The winter has been such a yin and yang of moody and bright (in the weather and my mood) that I've been drawn to the rich and bold and textural. 


Juniper & Salt Capsule Kitchen

Juniper & Salt Juniper Tasting Spoon (BACK IN STOCK, LTD QUANTITY!) | Seed + Mill Tahini | Campfire Studios Charcoal & Sandstone Ceramics | Russell Hobbs Retro Electric Kettle | Milo Dutch Oven 


My kitchen is all about comfort food right now. Yes, it may be unseasonably warm, but it also has been hella rainy, which automatically makes me crave warm and soupy. I'm also low-key toying with Whole30, and by that I mean undercover eating by the rules for the last 7 days without telling anyone to see if I can hack it. Tahini and Tea have been my best friends and my electric kettle (not this one, but I wish) has been going non-stop. Tahini straight from the jar on a sweet potato has been such a life-saving easy lunch for multiple days. 


January Capsule Kitchen Recipes


Like I said above, warm comfort food. Also super into anything briny (olives, capers, etc.), cozy, and EASY. All of the recipes below check of all of those boxes at once. I think I only want food that can be consumed out of a bowl for the next month. Which makes me extremely happy. 


What simple, beautiful pieces and recipes are you craving in this season? 

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