Mother's Day Recipes From My Favorite Moms

Mother's Day is right around the corner and there's nothing more quintessential "Mother's Day" than serving the mom (or mother-figure) in your life breakfast in bed. There's no one that knows more about how to win at mothers day than, well, mothers. So I'm rounding up our favorite breakfast & brunch recipes from some of my favorite mothers (and sharing a little bit about what I love about each of them).


Dutch Baby by Amanda Frederickson  

Dutch Baby With Cream & Berries

A Dutch Baby is a big, fluffy pancake/crepe-like thing that looks super impressive, but is possibly even easier than traditional pancakes, since there is less hands-on time - all of the magic happens in the oven. You just mix the batter, throw it in the oven, and voilá!, you look like a superstar.



Amanda makes having a beautiful dinner feel super-accessible with her weekly fridge foraging Instagram stories where she pulls out a few simple ingredients from her fridge and whips up something magical with it, like crepes or a fancy croque monsieur.



Matcha Latte Overnight Oats by Danielle Oron (I Will Not Eat Oysters)

Overnight oats have been all the rage for a while, and there's a good reason for that. It's tough to get motivated to cook a huge, wholesome breakfast in the morning. Even your basic oatmeal takes time. If you don't want to rush downstairs first-thing in the AM either, make these make-ahead overnight oats with a fun twist that is sure to impress. 



Danielle is not only my insta-friend but we're also friends IRL. We met when our babies were super little, like 3 weeks old (they're only a few days apart), and went through all of the trials and tribulations of early parenthood together. She has calmed me down from more than a few freakouts and coached me back from complete cooking burnout. If I could sit at her counter and chat with her while she cooks all day every day, I would. BTW...PREORDER HER NEW BOOK


Crispy Strawberry Waffles For One by Sam Adler (Frosting & Fettuccine) 

It's a known fact that all moms love waffles, so you can't go wrong with them on your mother's day menu. What makes these super special? There are strawberries...on the inside! Strawberry flavored batter will make this classic mom-pleaser feel extra-fancy.  



Whether she's (lovingly) yelling at Alexa or dancing to Adam Levine, Sam is a bright light in my Instagram stories. Her recipes are beautiful, delicious and always have a little twist that makes them unique. She makes me want to bake more than semi-occasionally thanks to her gorgeous creations. 


Spicy Kimchi Avocado Toast by Leigh Ann (My Diary Of Us)

Avocado toast seems so simple, but it can be difficult to make it truly amazing. Enter this not-so-basic avocado toast, which amps up the classic with a super simple addition...kimchi! I've been eating this for breakfast the last few days, and I can attest to the power of the 'chi (my favorite is Simply Kimchi which is local to Atlanta, but worth the investment if you can find it). Don't skimp on it! I also recommend a nice thick cut artisan bread for the toast. Bonus points if you grill it instead of toast it. 



Leigh Ann takes the intimidation factor out of feeding your littles. Her cookbook is all about simple, nourishing homemade recipes for babies and toddlers and she offers super practical advice about feeding your kiddos and making it fun. She's been so supportive of our little business and I love watching her Instagram lives, where she cooks one of her delicious recipes once a week for us to see.  


Cardamom Granola by Cosette Posko (Cosette's Kitchen)

Cardamom Granola Recipe

Make a big batch of this granola and you'll have breakfast not just for Mother's Day, but for the rest of the week - which is a great gift for any mom. This twist adds cardamom for an extra layer of flavor. Serve it over the most delicious yogurt you can find with a drizzle of honey and a boatload of fresh berries - tis the season!



Cosette is keeping her Lebanese heritage alive through her approachable, modern recipes that make you want to make a giant vat of toum - even if you don't really love garlic. She keeps it super real (the first Instagram story I saw was of her appropriately messy kitchen after a day of cooking, I was immediately endeared). And each birthday she bakes her 3 kids a fancy, beautiful layer cake...which is really all anyone wants for their birthday, right? 

Don't forget to pick up something beautiful from our shop to serve alongside the beautiful breakfast you make. There's nothing that shows how much you appreciate her and all the delicious meals she cooks for you like a beautiful, handcrafted cooking tool. SHOP OUR GUIDE

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