Crafted For Your Kitchen

There is nothing mass about our craft.

At Juniper & Salt we believe that the products you invite into your home should bring you joy. That even the most basic tools you use daily can enhance your day. That handmade is better than mass-produced—in the food you cook and the tools you use to cook it. And that well-made products are best formed by high-quality, thoughtfully sourced materials and shaped by age-old traditions.

You put your heart and soul into cooking for friends and familyselecting the best ingredients, delicately chopping the herbs, slicing the vegetables, sautéing the fishfor a meal that brings out the delicious flavors for an experience that is unique.

Our craftsmen bring the same care to each pieceselecting the best piece of wood, thoughtfully shaping, carving and sanding to bring out the finest qualities of the wood, making a piece that is truly unique.

Beautiful and carefully crafted, our pieces are not meant to be kept precious—they are tools meant to be used every day cooking and serving. Down to the last detail, they’re shaped to feel good in your hand, work well in your kitchen and look beautiful on your table.



Each piece in our collection is shaped individually by talented craftsmen using traditional methodsthe subtle differences between each product give it soul and true uniqueness.


Each piece has a unique woodgrain and elegant shape that looks lovely in use and at rest. Not only do our products look beautiful, they feel great in your hand because they were thoughtfully made by hand.


Our products are made of slow growth woods naturally grown in a cold climate that are denser and more durable than mass-produced, mass growth wood. Each piece is made of wood hand-picked for its quality and uniqueness.


Beautiful and functional. Each tool is designed to suit multiple uses in your kitchen. With hooked handles to hang nearby and angled spatulas to suit your hand, our products are designed to be used every daynot just on special occasions.


Spatulas specifically shaped for left and right handed people to support the natural angle of your dominant hand and hook-handled spatulas and spoons can be hung near the stove for quick access when needed.


Each piece brings a bit of nature into your homeproducts arrive still carrying the aroma of the forest and no chemicals are used in the making of our products to ensure that no chemicals make their way into your food.


Rather than using low-quality mass growth wood, our craftsmen use leftover wood from other industries or wood naturally collected that would’ve otherwise been made waste or gone unused to minimize the environmental impact of creating our products. And each piece of wood used to make our products is chosen not for perfection but for uniquenessgiving each piece unique character.  


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