Petite Spatula & Server
hand crafted hook handle left-handed and right-handed ash wood small spatulas
hand crafted hook handle left-handed ash wood small spatula
hand crafted hook handle right-handed ash wood small spatula

Petite Spatula & Server

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Small but mighty, this spatula is handy for both cooking and serving. Angled to be extra-ergonomic, it is great for quick, small tasks at the stove, or serving up your favorite cakes and pies at dessert time. 

BTW, due to it's petite frame, it's great for your kid cooks, too! 

6 1/2" ash wood spatula, turner & server 

Hand wash and dry. 

Care Instructions.

Note: Our products are handmade made by craftsman and may have subtle variations in shape, color, and grain pattern which makes each piece completely unique.  

Photography by Paige French and Danielle Hulsey