Safe & Legal Tea Towel
Safe & Legal Tea Towel
Safe & Legal Tea Towel
Safe & Legal Tea Towel
Safe & Legal Tea Towel
Safe & Legal Tea Towel

Safe & Legal Tea Towel

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All proceeds from the sale of the "Safe & Legal" tea towel go to Planned Parenthood Southeast and the fight to maintain the right for women to choose what is best for their bodies.

Sale of The Safe & Legal Tea Towel has ended, but we have a NEW tea towel supporting the ACLU. You can find it here!

Thank you for everyone who helped us BEAT our goal of raising $3,000 through the sale of this towel!

100% cotton flour sack tea towel, hand-dyed with natural avocado dye and hand embroidered. 29" x 29". Each tea towel is made to order, variations in color will most certainly occur due to the nature of natural dying. 

What does the towel stand for? 

I spent time looking for a symbol that stood for the pro-choice movement and the current fight for women's rights, and I couldn't find one unifying symbol. Maybe I missed it. But what I kept seeing was the phrase "Safe & Legal" and that really stood out to me. Because what happens when abortions aren't legal isn't that they don't happen, it's that they do, in much more dangerous ways. It's a quiet, yet powerful symbol at the center of the conversation. 

Why a tea towel? 

To be honest, it was the closest thing near me when idle and angry hands needed to get to work. I have been wanting to explore making naturally dyed tea towels for a while and had just started experimenting with avocado dyes. 

Uses for your new Safe & Legal Tea Towel: 

  • Drying tears of anger, frustration, rage, and heartbreak
  • Cleaning up this damn mess
  • Wiping the grins off the faces of politicians signing rights to women's bodies away
  • Waiving like a flag in protest 
  • Hanging on your wall as a daily reminder of the on-going fight for women's rights 

Why Planned Parenthood Southeast? 

There are many worthy, hardworking, urgent organizations to support in this fight. In the end, I chose Planned Parenthood Southeast because I believe strongly in their mission and their work covers three states with "heartbeat bills", Georgia (where I live and am raising my daughter), Mississippi and Alabama, where the most extreme and egregious bill was passed. 

And should the worst case scenario come to pass, women are going to need Planned Parenthood more than ever. The thing that prevents women from getting abortions isn't laws, it is medically accurate sex education, healthcare, and access to affordable and effective contraception. 

What if I disagree with your beliefs?

Thank you so much for visiting. I am so happy to have you here to learn about my point of view. It is perfectly fine for you to disagree. But if you are have read this far, I would urge you to educate yourself more on the reasons women get abortions, the factors that affect abortion rates (such as access to contraceptives and access to abortion), and the unintended consequences of banning abortions (like the added burden to our already overburdened healthcare and welfare systems). 

What does "proceeds" mean?

100% of the net profits of the sale of the tea towels will go to Planned Parenthood, so if you pay $35 for a tea towel, $29.69 goes to Planned Parenthood ($1.32 goes to CC fees, and $5 for the cost of the towel/supplies to make the towel). 

When will I get my tea towel?

My current estimate is 2-3 weeks from ordering. Each tea towel is dyed and embroidered by hand by me. If turn around times are longer than 2-3 weeks, you will receive an email from me with an ETA (this would be a good problem to have because it means we will have sold more than I expected!). 

How do I care for my tea towel?

Your tea towel is naturally dyed with dye made from avocado pits and skins. Do your best to keep out of direct sunlight and wash infrequently. But obviously it is a tea towel and I encourage you to use it as such. The color may fade over time but it will still be a beautiful daily reminder of this essential movement. Machine wash in cold water with gentle detergent and like colors.